The USATF certified and sanctioned courses are designed to take you on a tour of the beauty that is Western Massachusetts. If you like a challenge then our courses are for you! 

Half Marathon

     A more detailed course map can be found   here


A more detailed course map can be found here

Take a Tour of the Course!

The foliage, rural roads and scenery will take you on a 13.1 mile tour of what it is like to experience fall in New England. The USATF certified course starts with a 1 mile loop of the Look Park road to give your legs a chance to warm up. After that you will head out of the park and onto the bike path; this is your chance to take in the scenery and get ready for the slightly more inclined sections that lie ahead. The course takes a left on Mulberry Street and onto Audubon Road where you will find stone walls, peak foliage and barns along the road to distract you from the increasing incline. You will do most of the course's climbing between miles 2 and 4  but this is paying it forward for a fast finish! You will make a sharp left onto Kennedy Street where you will take on the steepest climb of the day around mile 4. You can pick up your pace and give your legs a break as the course becomes a downhill roller coaster through quiet country roads until you make a left turn on Ryan Road around mile 7. You are now more than half way there as the course evolves into a flat and fast sprint through neighborhoods and historic Florence MA. At mile ten you will make a left turn onto Spring Street where you will find some climbing but don't worry because the end is almost in sight! Spring Street becomes Main Street as you head into downtown Leeds before making a right turn back onto Mulberry Street. This is the time to pick up the pace because only a flat and straight section of bike path stands between you and the finish line in Look Park. 


     A more detailed course map can be found  here


A more detailed course map can be found here

The USATF certfieid 5k course will take you around the Look Park loop road with an out and back on the bike path. The course is plentiful in scenery but not elevation so this is your chance to take on your first 5K or go for a PR!