We know that a lot more goes into running a half marathon than just showing up on race day. We are here to support you along the way so that you are ready to crush your goals and have a great time on race day. Thanks to our complimentary running clinics, we’ve got all the bases covered, so you can hit the ground running. 

Also be sure to join our Running Clinic Facebook Group. This is for members in our clinics, people interested in joining future clinics, and even you out there who just wants to learn more about running. Ask questions, talk about your preparation, read some relevant running articles and maybe even laugh a couple times. All are welcome and feel free to invite friends.


All of our clinics meet at 6:30 pm at the 50/50 Fitness Nutrition Satellite Location at 226 Russell St, Hadley, MA.

Here are some of the topics we will cover during the clinics: 

  • Water consumption and how to effectively manage hydration levels.
  • Dynamic versus static stretching, before and after a run.
  • Interval training and the underlying benefits.
  • Endurance training and how to progress into a “runner”.
  • Preventing and dealing with injuries.
  • Stride and strike and other stride related mechanics.
  • Breathing techniques
  • Eating before, during, and after workouts.

Running Clinic Schedule








6:30 PM

50/50 Fitness Satellite Location

This group run at a conversational pace will be a fun introduction to half marathon training. We will discuss the training building blocks and will learn how to adjust training intensity. sign up



6:30 PM

50/50 Fitness Satellite Location

We will speed things up with a tempo run. We will discuss how to find the right intensity for a beneficial tempo pace. Runs like this are a key factor toward building the fitness to sustain speed at long distances. sign up



6:30 PM

50/50 Fitness Satellite Location

Speed intervals are critical if you want to get faster. We will discuss how to incorporate them into your training before we head out for a 4 mile run with some intervals. sign up



6:30 PM

50/50 Fitness Satellite Location

The Happy Valley Half Marathon has a hill or two. We will talk about how to run up hills before heading out to take on a hilly run. sign up



6:30 PM

50/50 Fitness Satellite Location

Long runs are one of the most important building blocks in endurance training. We will help you find the right pace and intensity before we put it to the test on a 6 mile long run. sign up



5:30 PM

50/50 Fitness Satellite Location

This will be our last check in before race day. We will test our fitness with an 8 mile long run at our target half marathon pace. sign up